Full Multicore Support in InfinityDB 3.0

InfinityDB has been reinvented for multi-core systems. Benefits can be gained immediately on Application Servers where concurrent threads will be handled up to seven times faster on an 8-core platform. Standalone applications will gain equivalent benefits when the application is parallelized. Performance increases continue as you add more cores. See InfinityDB Version 3

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InfinityDB is the fastest, most compressing, embedded database 

Java application developers have licensed the InfinityDB Database Engine to embed in their specialized handheld, cell phone, workstation, server, and distributed settings since 2002. This NoSQL API offers the widest possible adaptability to the specific needs of client applications and can manage the smallest -- including in-memory only -- to the largest of persistent databases with equal ease.

Directly Control your Data Model. 

Simple API, One-File Design, Never Fails.
The InfinityDB API is simple. You can learn it immediately and then accomplish more than you can with traditional SQL databases. InfinityDB requires only a single file, and its guarantee of database integrity frees you and your customers from recovery operations.

Relational without traditional limits, Optional Entity-Attribute-Value, CLOBs, and BLOBs, Unlimited Indexing
Create a fully relational data model that does not suffer from the typical limitations; optionally create specialized data structures that perfectly match your application; or implement our suggested Entity-Attribute-Value  (EAV) data model. Our capabilities match your application needs for large objects (CLOBs and BLOBs,) and unlimiited indexes.

Extreme Compressibility &  Performance
Our compressibility is unmatched and our performance staggering--we have measured 60K search operations and 30K modification operations per second, per GHz., on single core systems and 1 million operations per second on a virtual eight-core system (Intel i7 hyperthreaded four core.)

No Hard Limits
Too often database application development is controlled by hard limits -- you learn what you can't do and attempt to operate within those constraints. InfinityDB, however, imposes no hard limits  on the database size, number of items, length of CLOBs or BLOBs, number of indexes, length of items, or number of multi-valued attributes. 



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